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As a woman, it's important to know vaginitis symptoms. The reason for this is that if you know that you have these symptoms, then you can prevent a full-blown infection from occurring in your pelvis. And pelvic inflammatory disease is no picnic. Doubled in pain, a woman can barely move and it feels as if fire is inside her whole abdomen!

Another reason why you should know vaginitis symptoms is because vaginitis can be associated with a problem with pregnancy. Did you know your baby could be born prematurely just because you had bacterial vaginosis with its corresponding symptoms during pregnancy?

As you watch your little one struggle to breathe before he is placed in the special incubator, you will want to do everything possible for him. But what can you do? Nothing really. You won't even be allowed to hold your baby that long because you may risk giving your baby an infection. What kind of good start in life is that? Every baby needs tender loving care and the miracle of touching the mother and hearing her voice; that same voice that was heard in the womb. Yet, with a premature baby, that voice remains a distant voice from the past until the incubator days are over.

That's what bacterial vaginosis does to a baby born prematurely because the mother didn't know what vaginitis symptoms were while she was pregnant. And because somehow, the obstetrician responsible for her care didn't recognize the symptoms. And because the new mom's mother or grandmother, didn't know or understand vaginitis. And because the young mother's friends, had never heard of bacterial vaginosis, and couldn't recognize the symptoms.

It's a bad day when this happens.

Luckily, we are blessed with medical technology. Babies in incubators do grow up and don't need them. There is treatment for bacterial vaginosis and the symptoms of vaginitis. And mothers, grandmothers, obstetricians, and friends of a young mother all can learn to identify vaginitis and move on with life. Learn the symptoms today.

Bacterial vaginitis symptoms are: whitish or grayish vaginal discharge, fishy odor to the vagina, irritation in the genital region, pain upon intercourse and burning upon urination or burning in the vaginal region.

Memorize these symptoms. If you don't like to memorize anything, read enough articles about vaginitis and the symptoms so that you don't have to memorize them. It's the only way to prevent catastrophe.

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Vaginitis Symptoms

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This article was published on 2010/04/18
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