The Clog Arteries Symptom To Really Watch Out For

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You need to be aware of one clog arteries symptom at the very least so that you could determine whether or not your life is in danger. Symptoms of clogged arteries may or may not manifest when your arteries get clogged up, however, a good thing about the symptoms is that they could easily pinpoint which artery is blocked.

An artery becomes blocked due to the accumulation of plaques inside the arterial wall. These plaques are made up of built-up fats, calcium deposits and the other wastes of the body. These plaques build up over time and they do not happen overnight. But plaques do not start off as plaques, in fact, the main root of it all starts when there is inflammation in a portion of the arterial wall. But why do clogged arteries pose a great threat to your body?

Arteries are blood vessels which are important parts of the cardiovascular system of the body. These blood vessels are essential because they are responsible for bringing oxygenated blood to the different parts of the body. Arteries, unlike veins, have an elastic component in their walls that is why they could handle the extreme pressures that are placed on them. However, there are diseases and conditions which harden the arteries and they could also be a cause as to why the vessel gets clogged. Some of the greatest arteries of the body deliver blood to the most vital organs like the heart, brain and the lungs.

A clog arteries symptom is an important indicator so you would know whether or not you are developing the condition. If you think you have symptoms of clogged arteries, then it is better if you should immediately approach your physician. These require immediate attention and they must be addressed soon, or else they could lead to very deadly results. If you have a clogged artery in your heart, you might experience symptoms like pain or a feeling of choking. It might come to mind that you are having a heart attack because you are experiencing angina. Other symptoms also include shortness of breath, a numb sensation on your left arm and you could experience skipped heartbeats as well. If you experience these symptoms, then you are sure that the clogged arteries are in the heart.

If you are feeling dizzy and you start to feel like your head is getting heavier, then you should try to get the arteries on your neck checked. These symptoms may point that you have clogged neck arteries. You should be careful as these could lead to a possible transient ischemic attack or a mini-stroke. This could be a great risk that you should be aware of.

Aside from dizziness, you could also feel that you are starting to have visual disturbances and you would even have slurred speech. There will be an instance when a side of your body will become numb or even paralyzed. This is one particular clog arteries symptom that you absolutely need to watch out for.


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The Clog Arteries Symptom To Really Watch Out For

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This article was published on 2010/11/02