Pancreatitis Symptoms Are Truly Awful

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Pancreatitis Symptoms Are Truly Awful

Do you consume more alcohol than you should or eat a very rich high fat diet? If you do either of these things then perhaps you should seriously consider amending your life style and quitting your bad habits. Are you aware that people who have an unhealthy diet or drink too much alcohol put themselves at much higher risk of numerous serious health conditions including pancreatitis?

There are two types of pancreatitis; acute and chronic. Both types of pancreatitis can be caused by gallstones, which are a consequence of a fatty diet. Both acute and chronic pancreatitis can also result from years of heavy alcohol use. When a person has pancreatitis the digestive enzymes produced by the pancreas attack and damage it instead of being secreted into the small intestine where they break down food so that it can be absorbed. Acute pancreatitis describes one severe attack. Chronic pancreatitis is a long term condition. Both types of pancreatitis cause some very unpleasant symptoms.

Basic Signs Of The Condition

The most obvious pancreatitis symptoms are nausea, severe abdominal pain, a distended stomach area and frequent vomiting. A person with pancreatitis many also experience an accelerated pulse rate, dehydration, fever and hypotension. This combination of pancreatitis symptoms can make a person feel very weak and ill. If you ever experience one or more of these pancreatitis symptoms, make sure you get to the emergency room as quickly as possible.

Other Indicators

If a person has long term pancreatitis then this will do irreversible damage to the structure and function of the pancreas. This damage will stop the pancreas being able to operate as it should. Chronic pancreatitis symptoms include severe weight loss and staetorrhea. These pancreatitis symptoms occur because the pancreas can no longer produce enough digestive enzymes. Therefore fat can’t be broken down and absorbed in the digestive system.

Diabetes is another of the more dangerous chronic pancreatitis symptoms. When the structure of the pancreas is damaged the organ can’t produce enough of the hormone insulin. Without insulin the sugar we get from out food cannot enter the cells of the body to provide energy but instead stays in the bloodstream, causing diabetes and all of the dangers and symptoms linked to it.

If Left Untreated

If you have symptoms that cause you to believe that you may have pancreatitis it is important to seek medical help right away. If the condition is left untreated then pancreatitis symptoms can quickly become potentially fatal. Severe hypotension, which is commonly called shock, can kill. Severe dehydration resulting from the inability to keep down food or water can also be fatal. Pancreatitis can also lead to heart, kidney or lung failure.

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Pancreatitis Symptoms Are Truly Awful

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This article was published on 2010/12/07