Multiple Sclerosis - Eye Problems Can Be Early Symptoms

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While the symptoms that can lead to a diagnosis of MS are varied and differ from person to person there are some that are classified under the category of early symptoms. Multiple sclerosis is called "multiple" for good reason, there are many different forms that it can takes and for some it may cause minor issues while for others it can cause severe disabilities. Knowing what to look for can be important to helping your doctor make the decision to test you for MS.

One of the more common early symptoms of multiple sclerosis is problems with your eyes however while they may affect your eyesight very rarely do they ever cause blindness. Episodes of double vision can occur when the muscles that control one of your eyes is slightly weaker than the other and both eyes do not stay coordinated, this usually goes away on its own in a short period of time.

Optic neuritis is one of the most common early symptoms of multiple sclerosis and causes a number of different eye problems. You may notice a burning sensation or pain when you move your eyes and may require medication to reduce the inflammation. Temporary loss of vision in one eye that starts out as graying then rapidly progresses to full loss of vision that lasts several days before recovering has been cited as occurring frequently. Studies show that some form of optic neuritis occurs in at least 50 percent of all patients and that it is the first symptom noted in approximately 16 percent of all MS patients.

A nystagmus can be one of the early symptoms of multiple sclerosis and on the average a person who develops this will most likely diagnosed with this disease within 2 years of it being found. A nystagmus is the involuntary jerky movement of the eyes. For many people this can be mild but in others it can be severe enough to affect their vision.

If you have noticed any of these early symptoms of MS or your optometrist tells you that they see any of these problems tell your physician, so that they can do the necessary tests. The best way to treat MS is by catching in the early stages.

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Multiple Sclerosis - Eye Problems Can Be Early Symptoms

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This article was published on 2010/04/20