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Hemroids is a kind of sickness which is suffered everywhere and this problem existed from long time back. Many of us know it as 'piles' and are aware of people suffering from it. The people who have this disease are from our family or close friend. It is known that hemroids are present in everybody but in some unlucky people it starts showing itself. The symptoms of hemroids are such that they cannot be hidden. A person may suffer internally or externally. Unlike any diseases which can be ignored, hemroids are such that it is just not possible for the person to bear the pain quietly. They are not dangerous and do not threaten lives as they get well on its own within days but the pain is extreme.

The symptoms of hemroids are almost the same for everybody and they are many. The hemroid symptoms are quite shocking and may create panic in the person. Let us discuss some of them.

1) Bleeding during bowel movement.
2) Bleeding after bowel movement.
3) Itching around the rectal area.
4) Swelling of the anus area.
5) Forming of lumps in the anus area.
6) Pain and irritation in the anus area.
7) Obstruction while passing of stool.
8) Burning sensation in the rectal area.

These signs and symptoms occur in stages and profuse bleeding is regarded as the etreme stage. As discussed earlier the hemroids differ from person to person and it may be internal or eternal. The symptoms of external hemroids are different to the symptoms of internal hemroids. The symptoms for eternal hemroids are more obvious and can be detected quickly. In this case lumps appear near the anus areas which are painful, itchy and burns. Sometimes they even bleed. Hemroid cure is a great site for this sort of info.

Internal hemroids take more time to for detection since it happens inside the rectal and sometimes it may not be hemroid but other problem. Bleeding is a sure symptom of internal hemroid. The blood will be bright red in color and will be followed by itching and pain in the areas near the anus.

These symptoms of hemroids are not serious most of the time and may disappear soon after they are developed but in any case the person will be in great pain and it is very important to consult a physicist as earliest as possible. It is always advisable to seek medical attention as soon as the symptoms of hemroids are sighted so that proper treatment can be done at the right time. Hemroid Relief is something that I hope you can achieve.

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Hemorrhoid relief 101

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This article was published on 2010/09/27