Eliminating TMJ Painful Symptoms

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Temporomandibular joint disorder or TMJ is the dysfunction of the muscles and joint that controls jaw movement. There are reports that more than 10 million Americans are suffering from this condition. Some sufferers experience occasional pain that eventually goes away on its own without treatment but other experience long term symptoms. For those suffering from chronic pains, eliminating TMJ painful symptoms is important.

The reasons why the symptoms disappear on its own or get worse over time is not yet known. All we know is that people with severe TMJ experience excruciating pains and several symptoms like headache, ear ringing, facial pain radiating to the jaw, ears and neck, clicking sound when opening and closing the mouth and locking of jaw. These symptoms can affect activities like eating and speaking. Eliminating TMJ painful symptoms is important to improve your condition.

Due to the complexity of the structure of temporomandibular joint and its movement, experts usually recommend the most conservative treatments. Most people with TMJ disorder do not need aggressive or surgical procedure to correct TMJ disorder.

In eliminating TMJ pain, it is important to seek medical help. Your doctor or dentist can give you advice on what to do to ease the pain. Pain reliever maybe prescribed by your doctor or the use of oral appliance like bite guard and stabilization splint maybe recommended.

Ice packs can also help in eliminating TMJ painful symptoms. This kind of treatment helps release muscle tension and decrease inflammation. Just remember not to apply icepack directly on your skin to avoid frostbite, use clean cloth to wrap the ice packs.

Stress could result to muscle and joint tension including the joint and muscles of your jaw. Relaxation techniques and stress management are very helpful in eliminating painful TMJ symptoms. You may also need the expertise of a physical therapist to aid you with the exercises and massage advisable for your condition.

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Eliminating TMJ Painful Symptoms

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This article was published on 2010/03/26