Avoid Pollen In Allergy Season

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Now that you know what the causes of hives are the most obvious thing to do is avoid foods that you are allergic to, or avoid wearing clothes that can irritate your skin. You should also reduce your stress level as it has also been known to lead to hives or make a current outbreak worse. If you have a garden or a yard, try to keep the vegetation at minimum, mow the grass frequently and do not permit those plants to grow tall. Otherwise, they will start pollinating and this is the last thing you want. Remove all those excess weeds, not only will your garden look tidy, but you will also eliminate a source of pollen.

So, you think that you're safe enough staying indoors? No way, what about dust mites and molds? The same symptoms that make you look like you have a permanent cold, will make your safe homely atmosphere become hell: coughing, sneezing, obstructed nose, wheezing. Think about the underworld inhabiting your mattresses, your duvets, your pillows: a bit of a scary movie, isn't it? It is important to take into consideration that the symptoms and severity of the rash and itch may vary from person to person. The symptoms may bear a worse character due to everyday stresses, anxiety, heat/colds and other factors. If not treated allergy can lead to depression, sleeping disorders and other problems in daily lifestyle.

I first became aware of allergies that appear depending on where you are when reading of British holidaymakers whose allergies vanish while on holiday in southern Spain. In the drier and hotter climate there the dust mites that are behind so much allergy and asthma in Britain either absent or much reduced. So if your symptoms depend on where you are perhaps a similar mechanism is behind it. The worst time of the day for people who are suffering with hives is in the evening. The burning sensation and itchiness can be so severe that it can keep you awake at night, leaving you tired and irritable the next morning. This irritability then leads to stress and thus makes your condition even worse.

When allergens enter our system, the body reacts by producing histamine. This is our body's way of fighting allergens. But histamine brings forth uncomfortable physical symptoms such as those mentioned above. Animal allergies are usually caused by saliva, urine and skin secretions. A dog produces a substance which helps maintain a healthy coat. When this substance dries, it causes dander. A cat is constantly licking and cleaning itself. Its saliva contains Fel D1, a protein that can cause an allergic reaction. Other animals have allergy producing substances.

What should I do if my allergy symptoms get worse/Who should I contact after office hours? This all depends on the type of allergy you have, but it does not hurt to be safe. The only unwise questions in a doctor's office are the ones that go unasked. If you want to be safe and know how to get well, know all the details of your particular ailment.

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Avoid Pollen In Allergy Season

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This article was published on 2010/10/27